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Without a clear strategy...

These challenges may be overwhelming

How to create a successful strategy

3Create's detailed, repeatable framework teaches you how to craft a winning strategy - from vision to execution

Get clear on your goals

We analyze your current data, align key players, & help define your mission, vision and success metrics

Your key players are aligned and in agreement on what the product is meant to achieve and can envision success

Size the opportunity

We research the  market size and trends, potential targets & their needs, and revenue opportunities

The total potential for your product is uncovered, giving you clarity to choose the best path forwar

Narrow your target

We help you narrow your choices to the targets with the most revenue potential for your product

By choosing the best targets, you can use your money and resources to their best advantage

Bridge the

We identify the gaps between product offering and customer needs then show how to bridge it

You have a clear understanding of the steps you need to make your product successful

Build the roadmap

We deliver a step-by-step plan to bring your product to market with our complete framework

You have a detailed strategic plan that lays out the path to successfully bring your product to market

What's our secret sauce?

Our defined process combines the power of Data, Marketing and Customer Experience to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end framework – with detailed, executable steps – that serves as a guide for your company as you navigate new and existing markets.

The 3Create winning framework for your strategy

Our defined process is the result of our deep expertise in data, marketing and customer experience


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Set the stage

Gather past research, insights, and existing data, pinpoint the gap areas, identify key players, and set up the project plan


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Dive deep

We do the research on potential markets, competitors, customers and partners, explore pricing strategies, and more as needed


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Build the future

Together, we define the product vision & mission, set goals, identify target customers, success metrics and more


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Deliver roadmap

Product Framework including  Marketing plan, Customer journey maps, GTM / Launch plan, Gap and SWOT analysis, and more

Customers we've helped

Case Study - Tech Industry

An AI tool for journalists and archivists

The Challenge

Our New Zealand client has a powerful new AI tool but struggled with the best way to launch it in the US and Canada

The Solution

3Create analyzed internal data, market trends, the competition, possible targets, and delivered a crisp product strategy framework for market entry

The Result

Our client was given the clear vision they needed and pratical steps to take the product to market


“3Create understood where we were stuck. Using their process and expertise, they helped us identify the best market-entry opportunities to make our AI tool successful. 

We refer to the product strategy framework over and over again, even with our other products.”

—  Joy Pawley, Program Manager

Case Study - Tourism Industry

A French guest house for travelers

The Challenge

Offering ‘real’ French experiences (Live Like a Local) at a country manor surrounded by wineries and castles, the owners struggled to attract guests looking for their unique experiences

The Solution

3Create helped to focus their efforts with a new vision, mission and goals aligned to their dreams,  experience journey maps to turn prospects into guests, revenue analysis to show how to make it achievable, and a marketing and content plan to get them started

The Result

Not only are the owners living the lifestyle they sought, but they’re also making more money and doing less work. Success!

Bumblebee Manor in the Loire Valley, France 1

“Enter 3Create and their strategy of combining data, marketing and experience design to open our eyes to the possibilities of our business.

—  Sue and Martin Aleman, Owners

Case Study - Conquering Imposter Syndrome

An advocate for adults with ADHD

The Challenge

Beth’s dream was to become a well-known speaker and advocate for adults with ADHD. She was filled with ideas but questioned herself and whether she could be profitable (aka Imposter Syndrome).

The Solution

3Create helped to validate her idea and provided a strategic roadmap to achieve success. Using 3Create’s Monetization and Messaging Strategy, Beth can rationally evaluate decisions, weighing time, cost, and strategic value.

The Result

Armed with confidence and a plan, Beth is on her way to realizing her dream. 3Create helped her to conquer Imposter Syndrome.

Doubt Believe Image

I’m over the moon. … There is a true sense that the vision is legitimate. You met me wandering in a maze and led me out.

—  Beth Bardeen, Speaker

Harness the power of your data

Marketing Execs

Strongly agree that data-driven marketing is crucial in today's landscape


Say Customer Experience (CX) is a competitive differentiator


Plan to increase their data-driven marketing budgets


Report that data is their most under-utilized asset

3Create Strategy Packages

Introductory Workshop

Strategic Aims

Together with your team, we will assess your current situation, evaluate customer potential, and identify the biggest obstacles and market opportunities.

Full Strategy

Strategic Aims

Our most popular choice. A detailed plan that teaches you how to craft a winning strategy to find, get and keep customers.  Deliverables typically include:

  • Mission, vision, goals, success metrics
  • Market analysis identifying opportunities
  • Target research and strategy by persona
  • Gap and SWOT analysis
  • Revenue projection calculator
  • Customer experience maps
  • Branding, marketing and content strategy
  • And more…

Fractional ​ Advisory Services​

Strategic Aims

After completing a full strategy package, we can advise your team to keep them on track or help them to work through challenges

Data, marketing or customer experience

6-month minimum commitment

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