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The Data Marketing Experience


3Create – The Data Marketing Experience – combines the power of data, marketing, and customer experience to help your business find, get, and keep new customers. With expertise rooted in industry leaders like Microsoft, Amazon, and BMW, we offer premium consulting services at affordable rates.

Our repeatable strategy framework teaches you how to:

  • Find new markets for your products and services, globally or locally
  • Target the best customers based on data, market opportunity and customer needs
  • Plan the winning strategy designed to make the best use of your time, resources and money

our story

Once upon a time in Seattle, three friends met after work in a watering hole we’ll call “Some Random Bar” (because literally that was the name of it). Over a cocktail, they chatted about their love of travel and successful product and service launches they’ve worked on together. They had an idea to create a repeatable, easy-to-follow framework for selling products and services using their collective power of three (data analytics, marketing and experience design). And that is how we became 3Create – The Data Marketing Experience.

why choose 3Create

We bring our unique perspectives and talents to every project.

  • We put the power of Data + Marketing + Customer Experience to work seamlessly for a true customer-centric approach that has no gaps
  • We have deep experience helping small, mid-sized and Fortune 100 companies craft their product and services strategies
  • We teach you our strategy framework and give you the tools you need so you can use this process again and again
  • We honed our skills at some of the biggest companies in the world. (Microsoft, Amazon, BMW & Boeing to name a few). We know what we’re doing.
  • We’re small, agile, flexible – and affordable. Big consulting knowledge at small firm prices.

Meet the team

Data Analytics

Coco Inoue Photo

Coco Inoue, PhD

Coco is a Data Science Pioneer who solves business problems through data analysis, data modeling and testing. She specializes in Test and Learn to measure potential impact on changes so that clients can invest in new features or programs in a cost-effective way. 

  • Data Science: 25+ years of extensive experience in leading teams in Fortune 100 companies making high-impact, data-driven decisions though data mining, predictive modeling, optimization and experimentation
  • Customer Analytics and Lifecyle Management: Customer monetization and lifecycle management using behavior-based segmentation, targeting, predictive modeling, etc.
  • Experimentation Design: Test design from concept to execution and implementation on various eCommerce platforms


Catherine Lindner Photo

Catherine Lindner

Catherine is an award-winning Marketing Strategist with over 25 years of experience advising top-management and driving growth through marketing, working both in-house and as a marketing consultant.

  • Digital Marketing to Traditional: Deep knowledge and skills from marketing and branding strategy to implementation of integrated marketing campaigns
  • Global Marketing / Multiple Industries: Global product launches in 42 markets, market entry in Europe, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the US
  • Marketing Leadership & Advisor: For small, mid-sized and some of the world’s most sophisticated and respected global brands, including BMW Group, Microsoft and T-Mobile


Barbara Christine

As an Experience Designer, Barbara is relentlessly focused on the customer and ensuring that their experience with your product or service is engaging from the first touchpoint to the last.

  • Experience Strategy Mapping: It’s the blueprint for your company to ensure that every interaction with your product or service has the customer saying ‘Wow!’ Barbara has done a few in her lifetime.
  • Over 20 years of practice in all facets of experience design: Research, prototyping, workshop facilitation, persona building, product strategy development and more.
  • Thinks that every working session should be fun and interactive: Because who wants to do another exercise with stickies?

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