Hello World! It’s official – 3Create is off and running!  

Let us introduce ourselves – 3Create offers business strategy consulting to companies that might not have the resources or knowledge to effectively grow or transform their own business.  

What exactly does that mean?  

  • We have major consulting chops. We’ve worked with the big companies –   Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, T-Mobile, BMW, American Express – as well as mid to small companies and startups –  to namedrop a few.  
  • Your business is not one-dimensional, so why would you have a one-dimensional business strategy? With 3Create, each of us specializes in one facet of what makes businesses thrive – Data to drive decisions, Marketing to bring in customers and Experience Design to keep your them engaged. All that expertise that you can tap into!  
  • We are global! We have deep experience working with companies around the world. Helping companies enter new markets is one of our favorite things to do. 


Need convincing? Here is how we helped Bumblebee Manor, located in the Loire Valley of France, to 3Create their business. 

“Working with 3Create really opened our eyes to the possibilities for our business. We had always dreamed of offering all-inclusive packages based around life in the French countryside, but we were stuck in the AirBnb model of renting out our manor house.  Enter 3Create and their strategy of combining data, marketing and experience design to create a plan to get us out of our AirBnb rental rut. After defining our vision, mission and goals, they showed us how to map out these new packages for our customers, making sure that we looked at the experience from the first touchpoint to the last. Next, they analyzed our data and came up with that sweet spot of how many packages we needed to offer and what to charge for them.  Last, they developed a marketing plan that not only targeted the exact customers we were looking for, but also laid out a content plan that speaks to these customers at the right stage of their journey with us. We transformed our business, but not at the expense of our lifestyle. We’re ready for post-Covid life.” 

  • Sue and Martin Aleman, owners