CleanTech Innovation Showcase 2024 Highlights

2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase RECAP

The 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase in Seattle on June 14 was a beacon of hope for a sustainable future.

The annual event gathered the brightest minds and innovative companies in the green and cleantech industry. It aimed to push the boundaries of environmental sustainability. From cutting-edge cleantech energy solutions to green building materials and fleet management technologies, the showcase highlighted human ingenuity and our collective commitment to the planet.

What We Learned at the CleanTech Innovation Showcase 

3Create led two workshops for emerging cleantech businesses on Tips and Tricks to Find, Get and Keep Customers.

Key takeaways from our attendees: 

  1. Marketing is evil: Attendees were passionate about their products, but were uncomfortable using marketing to get customers. They don’t like “in your face” aggressive marketing. We shared tips on using push vs pull marketing strategies and offering valuable information to pull targets into a conversation.
  2. No one likes spam: We were surprised that no one liked excessive marketing emails (that was a joke). Don’t overwhelm your target with emails. Keep them short, easy to scan, and always provide content of value to the reader.
  3. So much data, so little time: Finding and targeting the “most likely to buy” audience is the key to saving time and energy on customer acquisition. We shared tips on mining existing data and using free external sources to understand target audiences better.
  4. Survey says: Attendees asked about collecting feedback through surveys. We recommended keeping them short, offering incentives, and consider using survey panels.

The feedback was very positive. Many attendees appreciated the tips and tricks we provided. Contact us if you missed our workshops or want a copy of our tips and tricks. We’re excited to share data analytics, marketing, and customer experience strategy advice to help your cleantech company thrive.

Inspiring CleanTech Innovators We Met

The CleanTech Innovation Showcase was a melting pot of inspiration. We met several remarkable companies making significant strides, including:

  1. Bio Fiber Industries: Who knew that hemp can make fire-resistant bricks and insulation? We didn’t and were thoroughly impressed by Bio Fibers’ innovative agro-technology building materials.
  2. Banyon Power: Enabling the global transition to electric vehicles (EVs) through smart EV charging infrastructure and grid integration, Banyon makes green energy more accessible and reliable.
  3. Chargepoly: Specializing in EV charging for medium/heavy-duty trucks and buses, Chargepoly is in over 50 countries – solving the infrastructure challenges that have hindered EV adoption in fleet management.
  4. Malbastone: This company is paving the way for eco-friendly building practices with its sustainable construction materials.
  5. VertueLab: An organization that makes direct, program-related investments in climate tech startups.

Each company is advancing the cleantech industry and contributing to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

A Heartfelt Thank You to the CleanTech Alliance

Deepest gratitude to Rachelle Ames and Jennifer Audet of the CleanTech Alliance for organizing such an impactful event. Their dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration within the cleantech community is truly commendable. The showcase’s success was due to their vision and hard work.

In an industry driven by innovation and purpose, clear and authentic messaging is paramount. Building a green brand is not just about promoting products; it’s about conveying a genuine commitment to sustainability and creating a narrative that resonates with customers. By embracing these principles, cleantech companies can build trust, inspire change, and lead the way toward a more sustainable future.

Contact 3Create if you want a copy of our Tips and Tricks from the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase or help with your customer plan.

Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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