Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for Bumblebee Manor: A Travel Industry Case Study

Bumblebee Manor

The Need: A Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for a French Manor in the Loire Valley

In the picturesque Southeast of France, nestled among wineries and magnificent castles, lies Bumblebee Manor (or as the French know it, Manoir Bourdon). This charming business is owned by Martin and Sue, a couple passionate about travel and all things France. They had long aspired to offer a unique ‘Live Like a Local experience to their guests. However, their journey towards achieving the dream had been somewhat of a challenge. Their initial visitors were looking for nothing more than a place to lay their heads and had planned their own activities. The owners were also tired of the grind of renting out the “gites” (rooms) for little profit and too much work. They needed to rethink their marketing and customer experience strategy.

“Enter 3Create and their strategy of combining data, marketing and experience design to open our eyes to the possibilities of our business.”

– Sue & Martin, Bumblebee Manor

The pandemic-induced slowdown gave them the perfect opportunity to reevaluate and reshape their business. This is where 3Create, a strategic customer experience and marketing consultancy, played a pivotal role in helping them redefine their vision, mission, and goals, ultimately transforming Bumblebee Manor into a thriving venture that gives Martin and Sue the life of their dreams.

It All Starts with a Vision and a Mission

One of the initial steps in this transformation was to redefine Bumblebee Manor’s vision and mission. The couple desired to move beyond the traditional short-term rental model and create immersive, all-inclusive packages that would allow their guests to savor the authentic essence of France. 3Create worked closely with them to outline a clear vision for their new direction and target the Slow Travel market.

Mapping the New Customer Experience

To bring this vision to life, 3Create mapped out the entire customer journey, from the very first touchpoint to the final experience. The team examined the interactions and experiences that would make guests feel like genuine locals and immerse visitors in the rich culture and lifestyle of France and the Loire Valley region.

Analyzing Data for Optimal Package Offerings

Data analysis was a critical component in the transformation process. 3Create delved into Bumblebee Manor’s existing customer data to identify the most attractive packages and pricing strategies. By pinpointing the sweet spot in terms of the number of packages to offer and their price points, 3Create was able to ensure maximum profitability while also providing great value to guests.

This data-driven approach helped the couple make informed decisions about which experiences to bundle together, allowing them to maximize revenue while offering tailored, attractive packages to their target audience.

Creating a Targeted Marketing Strategy

With a new vision in place and data-backed insights into the offerings, the next step was to create a marketing plan tailored to attract their ideal customers. 3Create helped the couple design a marketing strategy that was not only precise but also aligned with their unique offerings.

The marketing plan pinpointed the exact customer segments that were most likely to be interested in the all-inclusive packages offered by Bumblebee Manor. By narrowing their focus, the couple was able to optimize their advertising budget and maximize ROI. This, in turn, allowed them to reach their target audience effectively and convert leads into bookings.

Planning the Content

In addition to a targeted approach, the marketing plan included a content strategy. It mapped out the creation and distribution of engaging content that would resonate with potential customers at each stage of their journey. This included informative blog posts, enticing social media content, and visually appealing video tours of Bumblebee Manor and its surrounding attractions.

Results: From VRBO to Slow Travel Success

The transformation of Bumblebee Manor from a traditional VRBO-type business to an all-inclusive, immersive experience provider was a resounding success. With the marketing and customer experience strategy from 3Create, the couple was able to realize their dream of offering guests the opportunity to ‘Live Like a Local’ in the beautiful Southeast of France.

Personal note: 3Create can personally attest to the exceptional experience you will have at Bumblebee Manor. Go. Go now.

The strategic vision, meticulous data analysis, and precise marketing approach brought forth remarkable results. Bookings for the all-inclusive packages started to come in, allowing Bumblebee Manor to not only sustain their business but also thrive in the competitive tourism market.

This case study of Bumblebee Manor’s transformation underscores the power of a clear vision, data-driven decision-making, a defined customer experience, and targeted marketing in redefining and revitalizing a VRBO-type business. With the help of the marketing and customer experience strategy from 3Create, the couple at Bumblebee Manor achieved their dream of sharing the real essence of France with their guests, providing a memorable experience that goes far beyond a traditional vacation rental.

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