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CleanTech Innovation Showcase 2024 Highlights

June 26, 2024By 0 Comments

At the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase in Seattle, 3Create led two workshops. Here’s a recap of key takeaways and the inspiring innovators we met.

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Are You a Data-Driven Leader? Our Quiz Holds the Answer!

June 18, 2024By 0 Comments

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3Create Workshops at the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase

June 11, 2024By 0 Comments

3Create will conduct two workshops on how to FIND, GET and KEEP customers at the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase

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Unveiling Hidden Potential: Data-Driven Innovation for Cleantech 

June 4, 2024By 0 Comments

For decades, cleantech companies have focused on developing solutions for a sustainable future. But in today’s data-rich world, the next frontier lies in leveraging data and analytics in unexpected ways.  This isn’t just about optimizing efficiency; it’s about unlocking hidden insights to revolutionize the industry.   Here are some actionable...

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Data on a Budget: How Clean Tech Companies Can Win with Data 

March 6, 2024By 0 Comments

For small and mid-sized clean tech companies, competing with industry giants can feel daunting.  Large corporations often have dedicated data teams and sophisticated analytics tools, leaving smaller players wondering: how can we leverage data without breaking the bank?  Fear not, clean tech innovators! With a resourceful approach and the...

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Green Marketing Strategies: Tips to Get Started

February 13, 2024By 0 Comments

Last week, we began our series on Green Marketing Strategies for CleanTech with a primer on marketing and the importance of a focused strategy. This week, we’re going to dive right in with some practical tips for you to create your own green marketing strategy. Tip 1: Eco-friendly Customer...