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Green Marketing Strategies: Tips to Get Started

February 13, 2024By 0 Comments

Last week, we began our series on Green Marketing Strategies for CleanTech with a primer on marketing and the importance of a focused strategy. This week, we’re going to dive right in with some practical tips for you to create your own green marketing strategy. Tip 1: Eco-friendly Customer...

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Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for Bumblebee Manor: A Travel Industry Case Study

November 14, 2023By 0 Comments

The Need: A Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for a French Manor in the Loire Valley In the picturesque Southeast of France, nestled among wineries and magnificent castles, lies Bumblebee Manor (or as the French know it, Manoir Bourdon). This charming business is owned by Martin and Sue, a...

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How to Start a Travel Business

November 7, 2023By 0 Comments

Have you heard? Travel is back – and in a big way! Having just returned from an epic three weeks in Italy, 3Create can attest to the crowds, even during the off-season. The time just may be right for you to act on your dream and start your own...

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How to Validate Your Product or Service

October 3, 2023By 0 Comments

I recently attended a session hosted by iconic UX guru Jared Spool on Why Concept Testing is Hard. As a UX designer who has created more than her fair share of speculative prototypes, I was all ears. Why concept testing? When companies are considering whether or not to launch...

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Your How-to Guide for Market-entry Strategy

August 30, 2023By 0 Comments

It’s All in the Magical Mix of Data + Marketing + Customer Experience Stat of the day: Only 1 out of 5 market-entry attempts succeed. That’s a pretty daunting statistic if you’re looking to enter a new market or trying to find new customers for your product or service....