3Create Workshops at the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase

3Create Workshops at the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase

Dear CleanTech enthusiasts,

We’re delighted to share that 3Create will take the stage at the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase in Seattle on June 14th.

Our two breakout sessions will focus on the tips and tricks to FIND, GET, and KEEP customers in the CleanTech industry. Drawing from our expertise and industry insights, we’ll dive into the following key areas:

  1. Finding Customers: Discover innovative approaches to identifying and targeting the right audience for CleanTech products and services
  2. Getting Customers: Learn data-driven marketing techniques and proven acquisition strategies to convert prospects into loyal customers
  3. Keeping Customers: Explore the importance of customer experience and uncover strategies to deliver exceptional service, foster brand loyalty, and turn customers into advocates for your CleanTech solutions

We’re excited to share our knowledge and insights with the CleanTech community and help this emerging industry grow. Watch for updates and highlights from our workshop as we join forces to drive innovation and sustainability in the CleanTech sector.

If you are attending, see you at the CleanTech Innovation Showcase!

Warm regards,

The 3Create Team

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