Unlocking Green Marketing for Clean Tech: 3Create Goes Green

Unlocking Green Marketing for CleanTech. 3Create Goes Green

Like many other companies, we here at 3Create are concerned about climate change and its effects on our environment. To that end, we are launching a series of blog posts on green marketing strategies for clean tech companies – because even the most transformational technologies need effective marketing to ‘make the world a better place.’

Coming soon…Eco-Friendly Marketing Strategies for You

Our goal for this blog series is to offer practical tips and tricks that will help you find, get, and keep new customers for your clean tech products and services.

And because 3Create is the Data Marketing [Customer] Experience company, we’ll be looking at marketing strategies from each of these disciplines.

Here’s a sneak peek into what to expect on our forthcoming exploration:

  • Data: Unlocking Insights – An Introduction to Data Analytics for Green Businesses
  • Marketing: Crafting a Green Brand with the Power of Messaging
  • Customer Experience: Understanding Your Audience with Effective Customer Personas in the Green Tech space

What is Green Marketing?

Let’s get the party started with a primer on Green – Clean – Sustainable – Eco-Friendly Marketing (pick your favorite term).

Picture this: You’re at the grocery store, trying to decide between two brands of laundry detergent. One touts its clean formula and recyclable packaging that is good for the environment while the other does not. Which one do you choose?

Exactly! You’ve just joined the 62% of consumers who always or often seek products to purchase because they’re sustainable.

And, 55% of them are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly brand.

Green marketing is what made this choice so easy. Promoting eco-benefits, such as a product’s recyclability or energy efficiency or use of renewables are all tactics of green marketing.

Why is Eco-Marketing important?

People care about the environment and want to purchase from companies that share their values. The market for green products and services is huge and projected to grow from $13.8 billion in 2022 to $112.4 billion by 2032.

Need more convincing?

How Does Sustainable Marketing Help My Company?

Environmental concerns are at the forefront of the public today. With green marketing strategies, companies can:

  • Stand out from the crowd and attract eco-friendly consumers
  • Foster strong connections with their customers and build brand loyalty
  • Meet consumer expectations as more and more people prioritize companies with sustainable practices
  • Drive innovation and develop new products that minimize impacts to the environment

Let’s Make Green Marketing the Talk of the Town

We’re excited about the future so let’s champion sustainability together! Join us as we explore eco-friendly marketing strategies and build a greener future, one blog post at a time… the planet’s counting on us!

Visit our website or contact us at info@3-Create.com. We’re always happy to talk clean – green – sustainable – eco-friendly strategies for clean and green businesses, no matter what term you use.

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