From Imposter Syndrome to Profits: A Case Study in Validating Your Product or Service Idea

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We recently completed a Monetization and Messaging Strategy for our client, Beth Bardeen – a neurodiversity consultant who advocates for adults with ADHD worldwide. She is a speaker and author who inspires, uplifts and makes a difference for ADHD adults – at work, at home, and in life. Her goal is to build awareness, advocacy, and accolades for the millions of adults with ADHD, autism, and dyslexia.

The Entrepreneur’s Imposter Syndrome

Many of you with a new business, product, or service may recognize the Imposter Syndrome that raises its ugly head every now and then. It’s at these times you ask yourself… Why would anyone buy this? Why would anyone buy it from me? Am I good enough to do it?

For an entrepreneur, the idea and self can be one and the same. If you question the idea, you question yourself.  Your idea seemed fine when you pitched it to a handful of people who understood its value. However, to objectively determine if your idea is viable, it’s time to bring in a product/service expert to help you see if your great idea has teeth.

We all face it, but as Beth says, “Having a company like 3Create to validate my idea and give me a strategic plan to make it real is just what I needed! It got me unstuck and gave me a roadmap so I can take the next steps.”

Not only were we able to validate Beth’s ideas but we also uncovered other areas to consider. We upleveled her idea, looked at it from a rational, objective point of view, tried to poke holes in it, and built models to add substance to it. Then we laid out the strategy and plan to get the word out and promote her services.

Beth’s Monetization & Messaging Strategy included:

  • High-Level Strategy
  • Situation Analysis, Mission, Vision & Goals
  • Challenges & SWOT
  • The Market
  • Size, Growth & Trends
  • Competitors
  • Personas
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Messaging & Marketing Strategy
  • Success Metrics

A Cure for the Entrepreneur’s Imposter Syndrome

This is what cured Beth of the crippling imposter feeling. 3Create’s Messaging and Monetization work helped her see that her vision could be made into a profitable reality AND we provided a step-by-step guide on how to reach her goals. Beth says, “We proved it to her. We made her a believer.”

One of the most impactful benefits, Beth tells us, is the Monetization Model we built that evaluated each of her income opportunities, looking for low-hanging and long-term opportunities. She refers to it often. It takes the emotion out of the equation and lets her evaluate rationally about the trade-offs. How long will it take, what will it cost, what is the strategic value, and what is the monetary value?

We were very proud of the results, but don’t take it from us, here’s a final thought from Beth …

“I’m over the moon. … Each step in the process has been increasingly higher in value (and validation/therapy). And now an intelligent path with a road map. There’s a true sense the vision is legitimate. The three of you met me wandering in a maze and led me out.

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If you’d like to learn more about Beth Bardeen and her services, reach out to her on Beth Bardeen on LinkedIn or at

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