Introducing 3Create

Let us introduce ourselves – 3Create offers data-powered strategies for products and markets. We help companies that might not have the resources or knowledge to effectively grow or transform their own business.

What exactly does that mean?

  • We help companies that want to enter new markets with their products or services (how better to grow your business?).
  • Based on data, market opportunity and customer needs, we help you target the best customers for you!
  • Not sure where to start? We will plan a strategy designed to beat the odds and make the best use of your time, resources and money.

Why choose 3Create?

  • We have major consulting chops. We’ve worked with the big companies – Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, BMW, American Express – just to namedrop a few. But, we’re small, agile, flexible – and affordable. Big consulting knowledge at small firm prices.
  • Your business is not one-dimensional, so why would you have a one-dimensional business strategy? With 3Create, each of us specializes in one facet of what makes businesses thrive – Data to drive decisions, Marketing to bring in customers and Customer Experience to keep them engaged. That is expertise that you can tap into!
  • We are global. We have deep experience working with companies around the world. Helping companies enter new markets is one of our favorite things to do.

Need convincing?

Here is how we helped Bumblebee Manor, located in the Loire Valley of France, to 3Create their business.

“3Create laid the groundwork and strategy to transform our business from another ordninary AirBnB in France to one that offers unique French Country destination packages. Their strategy of combining data, marketing and experience design opened our eyes to the possibilities of our business.”

— Sue and Martin, Owners, Bumblebee Manor

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