Interact Digital Marketing Podcast feat. 3Create

Back in 2021, when we were all at home trying not to go stir-crazy, 3Create was invited to be guests on the Interact Digital Marketing Podcast. The information is just as relevant today as it was then. So, we’re sharing it with you here.

Listen to the Podcast: 3Create on Building Cohesive Strategies for Marketing

The podcast was hosted by Bill Sterzenbach of Upward. He is a seasoned marketer with a wealth of experience and his Interact Digital Marketing podcast series covers a range of topics related to marketing strategy. Each episode features insightful conversations with experts from various industries, providing listeners with a well-rounded perspective on the latest trends and best practices in marketing. One thing that sets our “3Create” episode apart from the other episodes is its focus the power of Data + Marketing + Experience Design to build product and market-entry strategies, including:
  • How we use data, marketing and customer experience to create cohesive strategies for our clients
  • How we collect and analyze data to determine the best target audience
  • How we design and execute marketing campaigns that align with the targets’ goals and values
  • How we help our customers deliver exceptional customer experiences that build trust and loyalty
By taking a holistic approach, listeners can learn how to create data-powered campaigns that are not only effective but also consistent and memorable. What we appreciated most about being on the “3Create” podcast was the opportunity to share our unique perspectives as business partners. Bill is an excellent host who knows how to ask the right questions and keep the conversation engaging and informative.

As a listener, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical advice that you can apply to your own product and market-entry strategy. Whether you have a new product or want to take your product to a new market, the “3Create” podcast has something for everyone.

We had an amazing time discussing our experiences and sharing our insights for finding, getting and keeping customers with data-powered marketing and experience strategy.

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