Are Your Surveys Being Ignored? Here’s What To Do…

Surveys are a powerful tool to get feedback from actual customers. One research study even hypothesized that surveys may influence customers’ loyalty and buying habits. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room – response rates. What good is the perfect survey if you can’t get the respondent to open it or complete it?

What factors influence survey participation?

Here are just a few of the variables that may affect your response rate.

About the participants

  • Personalization – are they interested in the survey topic?
    • CleanTech surveys – is the survey tailored to CleanTech preferences and needs?
  • Motivation – is there an incentive to participate?
    • CleanTech surveys – Other than providing for a better environment, consider additional incentives such as discounts or gift cards
  • Wording of the invitation – does it appeal to their personal values?
    • CleanTech surveys – explain how they (and the world) will benefit from their responses

About the survey itself:

  • Survey type (online vs. phone vs. paper)
  • Survey length and time to take it
  • Survey topic (may be too niche or too sensitive)
  • Question type (multiple choice and yes/no are quicker than free form) 

Five tips to increase your response rate

  1. Keep it Simple (and Short)

How many times have you opened a survey, started it, but then bailed after a few minutes because it was too long? Keep your survey short and concise, aiming for a completion time of less than 5 minutes. Include a progress indicator to inform participants how much they have left to complete. BONUS – this forces you to focus on the most important questions.

  1. Personalize Your Ask

Tailor the invite with the recipient’s name and other details, such as previous interactions. For example, “Hi John! As someone who has attended our recent CleanTech Showcase, your insights are invaluable to us.”

  1. Appeal to Your Cause

There are several ways to do this:

  • Mission driven messaging. For example, “Help us reduce carbon footprints and promote renewable energy by sharing your insights.”
  • Highlight the environmental benefits. For example, “Your input will help us develop better hemp related building materials, benefiting communities worldwide.”
  • Foster a sense of community. For example, “Join other CleanTech advocates in shaping the future of renewable energy.”
  1. Timing and Frequency

Spoiler alert…don’t send survey requests on a weekend. Send them when you are most likely to get a response. Also (and I’m sure you don’t do this), but don’t spam your recipients. One or two reminders will suffice.

  1. Make it mobile friendly

And use a variety of channels to reach your intended audience (email, social media, SMS).

Have fun with this!

Try various messaging methods and track the response for each. Which ones resonated most with your audience and received the most responses?  You may be surprised by the results.

3Create is a consulting company that builds the plan to help you find, get, and keep customers. Surveys are just one tool that encourage customer engagement. Contact us to learn about other ways to keep your customers coming back.

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