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CleanTech Innovation Showcase 2024 Highlights

June 26, 2024By 0 Comments

At the 2024 CleanTech Innovation Showcase in Seattle, 3Create led two workshops. Here’s a recap of key takeaways and the inspiring innovators we met.

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The Green Path to Happy Customers

April 23, 2024By 0 Comments

At 3Create, our mission is clear: We help Clean Tech businesses find, get, and keep customers. Recently, we explored the ‘get’ aspect of our mission through a series of posts on green marketing strategies, focusing on the power of design, positioning, and messaging to build a strong green brand....

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Know your Customers for Green Tech Success

February 21, 2024By 0 Comments

Got a Clean Tech Business? If so, you’re in luck! According to TechNavio, the industry is expected to grow by $95 million from 2022-2027 as shown in this chart: Image: Outlook for Clean Tech | TechNavio However, lots of growth means lots of competition. And, lots of competition means...

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Does Your Marketing Strategy Need a 2024 Makeover?

January 23, 2024By 0 Comments

Yes, it’s the new year and with it comes the inevitable posts on how this is an ideal time to reflect on the past year and plan for the new one. So, who are we to buck that trend? Before we say the final good-bye to 2023, let’s take...

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Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for Bumblebee Manor: A Travel Industry Case Study

November 14, 2023By 0 Comments

The Need: A Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for a French Manor in the Loire Valley In the picturesque Southeast of France, nestled among wineries and magnificent castles, lies Bumblebee Manor (or as the French know it, Manoir Bourdon). This charming business is owned by Martin and Sue, a...

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How to Start a Travel Business

November 7, 2023By 0 Comments

Have you heard? Travel is back – and in a big way! Having just returned from an epic three weeks in Italy, 3Create can attest to the crowds, even during the off-season. The time just may be right for you to act on your dream and start your own...