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Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for Bumblebee Manor: A Travel Industry Case Study

November 14, 2023By 0 Comments

The Need: A Marketing and Customer Experience Strategy for a French Manor in the Loire Valley In the picturesque Southeast of France, nestled among wineries and magnificent castles, lies Bumblebee Manor (or as the French know it, Manoir Bourdon). This charming business is owned by Martin and Sue, a...

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A Treasure Trove of Information: Your Own Customer and Transaction Data

September 26, 2023By 0 Comments

How to Reshape Your Product and Service Strategy with Existing Customer and Transaction Data In the age of data-driven decision-making, companies are sitting on a treasure trove of invaluable information: their own customer and transaction data. This data isn’t just a historical record; it’s a powerful tool that can...

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Your How-to Guide for Market-entry Strategy

August 30, 2023By 0 Comments

It’s All in the Magical Mix of Data + Marketing + Customer Experience Stat of the day: Only 1 out of 5 market-entry attempts succeed. That’s a pretty daunting statistic if you’re looking to enter a new market or trying to find new customers for your product or service....