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Is Your Brand on Brand?

April 17, 2024By 0 Comments

Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted a mini tutorial on How to Build a Green Brand. We started with the Power of Design, talking about consistency to lay the foundation for brand recognition. Next up was the Power of Positioning, aka getting noticed! Spoiler alert – the secret...

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How to Build a Green Brand – Part 3: Power of Messaging

April 9, 2024By 0 Comments

Turn eco-conscious consumers into brand advocates! Craft a winning green message that drive sales with 3Create's 6-step guide to messaging that converts.

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How to Build a Green Brand – Part 2: Power of Positioning

March 28, 2024By 0 Comments

Get noticed! This guide unlocks the secrets to crafting a clear, concise positioning statement that gets you noticed by customers.

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How to Build a Green Brand – Part 1: Power of Brand Design

March 15, 2024By 0 Comments

Brand design applied consistently lays the foundation for a strong green brand that stands out in the marketplace.

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Data on a Budget: How Clean Tech Companies Can Win with Data 

March 6, 2024By 0 Comments

For small and mid-sized clean tech companies, competing with industry giants can feel daunting.  Large corporations often have dedicated data teams and sophisticated analytics tools, leaving smaller players wondering: how can we leverage data without breaking the bank?  Fear not, clean tech innovators! With a resourceful approach and the...

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Know your Customers for Green Tech Success

February 21, 2024By 0 Comments

Got a Clean Tech Business? If so, you’re in luck! According to TechNavio, the industry is expected to grow by $95 million from 2022-2027 as shown in this chart: Image: Outlook for Clean Tech | TechNavio However, lots of growth means lots of competition. And, lots of competition means...